Dust Muzzle 4" - 5" Cutting Universal`



Universal Dust Muzzle for Crack Chasing, Tuck Pointing & Cutting.

  • Fits virtually all 4-5" grinders.
  • Adjustable to any depth of cut.
  • Made from rugged polycarbonate.
  • Up to 99% efficient in removing silica dust, asbestos and other toxic dusts.
  • Includes lightweight adaptor hose.
  • How it works:
    The Dust Muzzle for Crack Chasing, Tuck Pointing & Cutting is a universal shroud that can be used for cutting, tuck pointing and crack chasing with all 4"-5" cutting wheels. It can also be used with diamond blades and carbide saw blades to remove silica dust, asbestos and other toxic dusts from the workplace. It features a patented, adjustable set of steel adapters that allow it to be attached to virtually any 4"-5" pneumatic or electric angle grinder with a bearing housing diameter between 1 5/8" and 2". Vertical adjustment for the depth of cut is achieved by adjusting the metal depth guide on the right side of the guard. The guard can also be rotated to a number of different positions to suit the operator's preference.

    This unit is great for crack chasing, tuck pointing, cutting fiberglass, scoring concrete, grout removal and decorative work. It may be used with diamond blades, crack chasers, tuck point blades and carbide blades. It is up to 99% efficient when used with a 2 HP industrial vacuum system.