DiamondX 4 1/2" Combo Blade (25-30 Grit)

  • SKU: VBCW-045


DiamondX 4 1/2" Combo Blades feature large amounts of diamond grit (med-coarse) in a single layer with an extra strong bond. This allows the tool to cut or grind metals that standard abrasive wheels won't touch. Use for ductile iron, cast iron, reinforced concrete, freeway guard railing, rail track, high and low carbon steel, hard facing alloys, metal tubing, wood, plastic and just about anything else. These 4 1/2" combo blades are not only safer to use than standard abrasive wheels, but will last 50 - 250 times longer.

  • Eliminate cracking and breaking of wheels
  • Save time by not having to constantly change worn abrasives
  • Greater cost efficiency with 50 - 250 times longer life than standard abrasives
  • DiamondX Combo Blades produce fewer sparks, with less debris and no smell
  • Achieve a constant depth of cut with no change in the shape or size of the tool