Husqvarna K970 II Diamond Chain Saw

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  • Brand: Husqvarna
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The Husqvarna K 970 II Chain Saw allows you to cut 15 ½" deep from one side. It can also make openings as small as 4" x 4", which makes it perfect for irregular shaped openings. Also ideal for making minor cuts in window and door openings when you don't want to over cut in the corners.

The K 970 II Chain is a light, compact and powerful machine with superior power-to-weight ratio.

  • Fitting the saw bar and chain is very easy. The chain is tensioned without any tools.
  • The maintenance-free air filter needs checking/changing only if you experience lack of power
  • Features optimized engine performance through efficient cylinder design, digital ignition system and X-Torq® engine technology
  • Built-in automatic filter compensation "SmartCarb" maintains high power and lowers fuel consumption
  • The patented, dust sealed starter has a sealed return spring and includes a heavy-duty starter cord. This makes the starter maintenance free and more reliable
  • An air purge and decompression valve also ensure an easy start
  • One Year Warranty
  • Chain Support Bar Included

Part #967 29 08-01
Engine6.5 HP
Displacement5.71 cu. inch
Blade Capacity14"
Max Cutting Depth16"
Weight (excluding blade)21.4 lbs.